LESTAS continues to do what has never been done before by expanding one-point concentration.

LESTAS Inc. President Shin Owaki

Our targeted market of 9 trillion yen is a blue ocean.

Generally, people think that a name-engraved calendar is a legacy product and that it will disappear sooner or later. When I told people that I wanted to start a calendar business, many of them tried to stop me.
However, the calendar market is said to be between 60 and 70 billion yen, and, in fact, 150 million calendars are circulated annually. Moreover, it is suspected that a company which has been passing out calendars every year but stops might be in financial trouble. A calendar functions to build reliability. More than 80% of our customers are repeaters, so our business is not affected by the quality of sales, and LESTAS revenue is easily forecast.
We are aiming for a gift market of 9 trillion yen by utilizing expertise built through custom-made business and the system we have developed in-house
I believe that this custom-made business that people tried to get me to give up on, and that no one had ever done before, is an enormous blue ocean.

I believe that thorough streamlining can make the world happy.

We will sweep away inefficient tasks with the power of our system. The system we developed in-house automates the process of name-engraved products from purchase to delivery as much as possible, enhancing work productivity for customers as well as calendar/paper fan suppliers. Our business should not only benefit the customer and the supplier but also LESTAS.
LESTAS connects customers to suppliers directly. This reduces the number of layers that have no value, enables customers to purchase products at the appropriate price, and leads to giving appropriate profits to suppliers.
LESTAS never battles with our competitors over price, because that would merely exhaust the industry. We create an industry filled with happiness by providing added value, such as convenience and speed, and by creating a market capable of optimizing the selling price.

Implement a one-point concentration strategy around the world.

I like the idea of the one-point concentration strategy. Any massive wall should be destroyed by concentrating attacks on one part at a time. Business should be ever more efficient. I believe that one-point strategy can lead the way for any unknown marketing. By focusing on calendar business, we can create more than 25 thousand transactions and earn a large amount of the customers’ trust.
Next, our story for one-point concentration strategy moves to Asia. I assume that there are no companies that have automated systems for custom-made products like our system; even Amazon and Rakuten do not have such a system. LESTAS aims to become number one in Asia in 10 years after expanding our market share in Japan. I believe that the LESTAS system should be the world's best custom-made protocol.