CEO and Representative Director

Shin Owaki

Born in Osaka in 1979. Graduated from Doshisha University. Joined Unicharm Corporation and Recruit Jobs Co., Ltd. where he experienced sales planning and sales in the New Graduate area of the Media business, and then started his own business. Inducted into the hall of fame as an MVP for HR sales. During his time at Recruit Jobs Co., Ltd., met more than 600 company presidents and instinctively learned of the nature of profitable companies and presidents who are making progress.

CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and member of the Board of Directors

Shin Yanagimoto

Born in Osaka in 1975. Joined Synergy Marketing, Inc. where he contributed to system development. Was involved in developing new services based on the advantages of marketing automation and designing system infrastructure, and established an R&D department in order to strengthen data marketing, where he launched a Cloud service for data analysis based on his knowledge obtained in his research and development activities. After that, in charge of website project for the largest stock exchange in Japan.
Joined LESTAS Inc. as CTO in 2018. In charge of general system and product development.

COO/CMO (Chief Operations Officer / Chief Marketing Officer)

Kei Ito

Born in Tokyo in 1975. From the year 2000, started his career at a system integration company and has gone on to experience marketing in several industries, such as an advertising agency, foreign financial institution, and IT startup. Contributed to improved business performance by deploying website, mobile, and real channel measures for both B to C and B to B environments. Subsequently moved to the United States (Seattle) and Europe (Geneva, Switzerland) to strengthen his career as a digital marketer.
In 2019, joined LESTAS Inc. as CMO. In charge of marketing and operations.

Director, Corporate Administration Division/Certified Public Accountant

Hitoshi Nakatsuji

Born in Osaka in 1983. Graduated from the School of Business Administration at Kwansei Gakuin University. Joined Ernst & Young Japan, where he assisted with statutory audits including J-SOX for small to large international corporations and listed companies. Then experienced M&A at EYTAS, part of the Ernst & Young Group, including financial due diligence for company takeovers and business restructuring and reorganization. Moved to Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. in 2013, where he contributed to M&A as a financial advisor and asset management for assets of 30 to 100 billion yen in the oil and gas industry. Subsequently seconded to Jacobi Carbons UK, a group company operating in dozens of countries, where he was involved in corporate planning, M&A, international tax and accounting, and corporate finance until joining LESTAS in 2019.

Manager, Product & Design Development Division

Shuhei Kawakami

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1976. Graduated from the school of architecture and design at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. HCD-Net certified specialist in human-centered design. Started his career at a UI design company, where he was involved in various design development projects, including embedded UI designs for OA multifunctional devices and devices for doctors, as well as design for a smartphone app linked to a sleep recording device and the startup of a home terminal service for a power company provider. Joined MonotaRO Co., Ltd in 2013, where he was involved in design group management. Contributed to renewal of CI/BI and mobile website, improvement of PC website, and UX design for unmanned stores. Concurrently worked on product management of mobile apps and increased sales by a factor of 20 during the three years he was in charge. Joined LESTAS Inc. as a manager in 2019.

Outside Director

Hokuto Inoue

Born in Osaka in 1980. Completed his master’s degree at the School of Science at the University of Tokyo and majored in high energy astrophysics at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Joined the Investment Banking division of The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. where he worked as an advisor for large-scale M&A and IPOs for 10 years. After that, jointly established a telecommunication technology venture at the University of Tokyo, which was sold in 2016. Joined LESTAS Inc. as an Outside Director in 2019.

Outside Auditor

Yoshiki Kuwata

Born in Osaka in 1979. Joined Recruit Co., Ltd. in 2003. Worked in the recruitment solution sales departments at large corporations. Then transferred to the head office business development team, where he worked on new business development, corporate M&A, and PMI. After working on launching new business, moved to Recruit Career Co., Ltd., where he worked as a sales planning manager, head of metropolitan sales, head of sales and planning, and head of business planning. Concurrently worked as a management consultant and director at several companies, and went independent. Worked as the executive director, management consultant, and outside director of several listed companies, and appointed Chief Executive Officer of InterRace Inc. Joined LESTAS Inc. as Outside Auditor in 2019.